Peter Shirley CEO at Yakety Yak Wireless Peter was a client of Mike’s Mike & Haven homes built our first house in Montclair Parc. We sold it, then ended up buying it back six years later, and rehired Mike to do a multi-million dollar remodel on the house expanding it to fit our needs. I view Mike as a great builder for several reasons. First and foremost is that he listens to what the customer wants, and then works his hardest to make that come true. Second, Mike is always on the job. He is not a builder who you pay, then they send unsupervised crews out. He works on everything, from doors to plumbing to make sure it is built right. Third, you don't hire Mike, you enter into a relationship with him. He finished our house four years ago, but I keep in regular contact with him, and he's even come over to look at things going on in the house years after the warranty period is over:

 Velma Walker:

 Professor of Psychology at Tarrant County College Velma was a client of Mike’s Mike built our home and did a fabulous job. He is truly on-the-job each and every day. He provides excellent quality and is extremely committed to an exceptional house. He is so dedicated to detail, extremely talented, and a man of great integrity. I can honestly say that Mike Monk will build another house for us.

Vivian Dolizor

I can't tell you how pleased we are with the way this project turned out. We think both you and Mike did a wonderful job and would recommend you to anyone. The same is true of your sub-contractors. We are glad we were able to get to know you and we appreciate everything you did for us. 

Elizabeth Barriger:

High quality, client-focused and expert in their execution. Trish has been a great partner in working with the items I have purchased on my own to blend a cohesive vision in my vacation house in SWF, as we add drapes, pillows, soft goods and bedding provided by Trisha Monk

Brian Linstell:

Yes! Trisha & Mike are a DELIGHT to work with. We're looking forward to our NEXT project with them. I was almost sad when this project was over because that's how much fun it was working with them.

Dr Charles Gordon:

I have never worked with someone that is more creative,or has more integrity than Trisha & Mike Monk.They absolutely know their stuff!! They know what is in and what is going out.always give them a key to my home when they and their Crew are working on a project.I would trust them with (if I had any) Children,but instead I trust them with my dog.You would be doing yourself a disservice if you did not hire Mike & Trisha Monk.

William Frank Carroll

Managing Member and Owner at Law Offices of Wm. Frank Carroll, PLLC., William Frank . Mike is a true Craftsman. I can truley say Mike is a Builder with high standards and integrity!  I would highly recommend him to any one looking to build a Luxury Home.

Larry Bollton:

My wife and highly recommend Mike Monk with Haven Homes,Inc.

He does and extraordinary job .I have been fortunate to work with Mike and his Knowledge,dedication, professionalism and candor are true assets and are exemplified in all that he does.

Linda Bates:We have been very impressed by Mike from the first phone call to set up a consultation with him.I Will recommend Mike Monk to all my friends. 

Christi Nathiers:

My Husband and I hired Mike to Built our New  Westlake Home and Can't say enough good things about him.He is wonderful to work with and did an outstanding job.

Mary Stephens:

We hired Mike to Built our New Home in Southlake Texas. He did an outstanding job and we love working with Mike.We love our new home.

 Jennifer Smullins:

For anyone looking for a Luxury Home Builder,we highly recommend Mike Monk!! Love My Home.

Ivan Rodriquez"Pudge" 

Mike built our Dream Home and we are so pleased with the Quality of our NEW HOME! I would recommend Mike Monk to anyone building a New Home.